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About us
ShineScrum Company Brochure

Build long-term trusted partnerships on the Agile journey through our professional Scrum Agile training and consulting services to bring maximum value and impact to more companies, communities and individuals around the world.

Transparency & Honesty - We work in an atmosphere of transparency, integrity and friendliness.
Mutual help & Team - We work together to become each other's most reliable teammates, helping each other work together to achieve common goals.
Quality & Result - We are committed to providing high quality Agile training and consulting services to our clients and the benefits that come with it.

Agile is more than just a training method. At ShineScrum捷行, we believe that the principles and values of Agile can change an individual, a business, and affect the entire business community. We are pioneering the concept of Agile through scrum training in China.

Scrum training
A successful Agile team and enterprise is founded upon training. ShineScrum捷行 brings the industry's most experienced lecturers, offering a variety of training services to suit your needs. Our tailored CSM programs are designed for executives and managers at all levels.

Agile consulting
We provide agile solutions which evaluate key aspects such as business objectives, company culture, and individual roles within your organisation. Short term, we provide a framework to identify and solve issues within working practise. Through certified training, coaching, counselling and advising, we help you to organise your business. Working with ShineScrum捷行 will optimize the efficiency, costs and quality of delivery, improving employee morale and providing sustainable long term improvements. Our adaptable integrated training turns your business into a truly flexible agile enterprise.